The 1% Challenge

The challenge has certainly had its ups and downs, but the one thing I have learned is that you have to ride through those “sticky” patches and trust in what you are doing.

We all know that deep down we would like to find that elusive get rich quick scheme, but if you search hard enough you also realize that there is no such thing.  This Challenge has taught me that you need to have a consistent approach, trust in what you are doing and be careful not to get too greedy (and hands up, I have slipped on occasion with the, “just one more” bet), and then had to give myself a strong talking to as I walk away from the pc disgusted in myself for losing the hard earned.

Most of the monies are still coming from the casino, as did today’s offering, but playing the casino every day isn’t a long term option, but as the saying goes, if it works don’t knock it, but I know need to find new angles for going forward. Later, when the stakes become higher I am not sure if I will have the bottle to place those big bets – we will see, I hope!

Having played the casino this morning, my current figures are –

Target Fund at the end of the day (10/10/11) – 499.03€

Actual Fund at the end of the day (10/10/11) – 1513.30€

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