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Retire in 10 years with £905,539.40 in the Bank starting with just £100

Do you think you could make a pound today?

Does that sound doable to you, you can use any method that you want just so long as you have one pound more at the end of the day.

Hopefully you agree that this is achievable and some readers are already thinking that this is easy.

Well I’m going to make it even easier.

To make over £900,000 in 10 years you just need to increase your fund, your bank, your working capital, whatever you want to call it by a quarter of a percent per day!

If you are starting with £100 then on day one you have to make just 25p.

In this workbook we are going to talk about the simple maths behind this, look at some what ifs and suggest some ways that you might make your 0.25% daily profit.

We will also look at some of the pitfalls that you need to watch out for, frankly they are mostly psychological.

But first let’s try and understand why people lose with their gambling instead of win.

  1. Overnight Success:  Too many people operate with a get rich quick lottery type mentality they want to win a lot of money in one big hit. As any overnight success will tell you, they actually worked for years to get their overnight success and lottery winners really are 1 in 14 million. Targeting small amounts consistently will get you rich quicker than going for the big win every day.
  2. Lucky Streaks = Bad Money Management:  The average punter believes in luck, the successful punter makes his luck through discipline and hard work. Believing in lucky steaks and unlucky streaks leads to increased stakes when you are unbeatable and reduced stakes when you couldn’t win a tin of fruit on the village fete tombola. It makes no sense, set yourself a target and bet accordingly every time.
  3. Boredom: Everybody knows that they should try out a new system or tipster with small stakes and increase gradually as the profits come, but its bloody boring! Same with this plan in the early days you will find it hard to celebrate when you have made your 25p for the day and at the end of the first month when you are £8.05 up you cant celebrate with a takeaway for the family ‘cos’ you’ll blow the lot!

Stay Flexible

The 900k plan is flexible. You don’t have to start with a hundred pounds and you don’t have to target just 0.25%.

The fact that it is achievable with these starting points just makes it accessible to everyone, no excuses.

The following tables look at how much your fund will grow each year for 0.25%, 0.5% and 1% for different starting values…

You’ll no doubt notice that the second and third table don’t make it as far as ten years!

We have cut off each table where every line goes over a million pounds because it just gets crazy.

For example 1% per day on a £1,000 starting fund equals six trillion, one hundred and nine thousand seven hundred and ninety three billion, two hundred and fifty one million six hundred and thirty thousand after 10 years. (For Americans that’s six quintillion!)


Which means that the next day I have to make £61,091,167,932,516,300 but I’m getting ahead of myself now!


Hopefully by now you can see that it is a simple task to grow a small fund into a large one, our next task is to try and make it easy.

In the Beginning

I’m confident that in the beginning you will already have some ideas for how you can make your daily target. But here are some suggestions…

Greyhounds, personally I find it easy to find winners or losers at the dogs, the problem is always that there isn’t enough money about to make it really big. But that’s not a problem in the early days.

Think about dutching together contenders to create yourself a short priced high probability bet. This will give you a high strike rate. You won’t always win, so see the section on catching up should you fall behind one day.

The safest way to proceed is to make your target from multiple races that way one or two failures won’t ruin the day. If you don’t know how to bet below the £2 minimum at Betfair check out this video which will help. [[youtube]]

If greyhounds aren’t your thing you could pursue a similar approach with football correct scores or on the horses, either in the win market or the place markets.

The early days are where 99% of people will fail, but they are the easiest to succeed at!

Those failures will come from lack of discipline, rushing ahead and generally not following the plan, be one of the 1% and then by the time you get to the bigger targets you will be confident of what you are doing and you can diversify to make your target.

Stakes are High

When your target gets a bit bigger you will probably want to spread your money around to make your daily target.

As the stakes get larger it will become easier to bet on more than one event and all along you should be looking out for new opportunities to add to your portfolio.

At this stage you may have to set aside a little more time but you are well on your way now and will see the value of what you are doing.

A Little Behind

Before we talk about what to do if you get behind with your target it is worth mentioning that it is good practice to get ahead, if you target a little more than required each day you will have some flexibility when the inevitable losing day arrives.

If you are behind target, don’t try and make it all up in one hit. It is far better to claw back the deficit slowly over a number of days.


Ok , lets look at the workbook that we have created for you.

The screenshot below shows the main settings area…

You should fill in the yellow boxes.

Start Amount: This is the fund of money that you are starting out with.

Daily Target: Enter the percentage that you want to increase your bank by each day, just enter the number.

Start Date: Enter the date that you start your quest

Over Achieve: As mentioned earlier it is good to get ahead of plan so that when you have a bad day you don’t get so far behind. Enter the percentage that you want to over achieve each day.

Catch Up Period: When you have a losing day you will want to catch up, but not all in one go! Each day the workbook will look at your Fund balance and if you are behind target it will divide that deficit by the number you enter in this box, so that you will claw back the loss over a rolling period until your fund catches up with the target.

The screenshot below shows the main Plan and Target area. It will show you how your bank should be growing and it will show you the days target. All you have to do is to update the yellow column with the End Of Day (EOD) value of your betting fund.

You can now access the 900k plan spreadsheet via Google Docs. Click File – Make a Copy to create your own private version.

16 thoughts on “Retire in 10 years with £905,539.40 in the Bank starting with just £100”

  1. Thanks for the 900k plan, but I am having trouble understanding how to enter the daily profit or loss into the spread sheet. Can you advise please.

    many thanks Peter.

  2. Looks good on paper but in reality it’s a joke.

    If you follow the 1% gain and start with 100 at the end of year 2 you need to be making 1000+ a day.

    If you reach that level, of making a 1000+ (from horse racing) a day you can join the other idiot gurus, write an ebook and sell it for 1000 a pop!

    Good luck to you all. Don’t be too greedy, have a realistic goal of 1000 bank, increase that by 1% each day and at the end of the year start again.


  3. “All the cells that need to be altered by the user are unlocked”

    They’re not, but it’s really easy to get round! It’s basically the Steady Drip plan, isn’t it?

  4. Hi Peter,

    You shouldn’t need a password to open the spreadsheet iin Excel. The cells that you do not need to change are protected but the yellow cells that you will need to use are not protected.



  5. Just wanted to say thanks for excel sheet, 1 month gone and I’m going strong as never done it before. Its absolutely brilliant, i was good at my betting but to manage bank and target i always struggled, hope to get my million in a few years time 🙂

    1. Hi Pete

      Which version of Excel are you using?

      The spreadsheet has been downloaded and used by over 1,000 people now so we know that it isnt locked for most but there seems to be a problem for some.

      Hopefully we can track down which version the problem is with and resolve.


  6. Hi Please could you tell me if i decided to over achieve by the following % amounts , what your reccomended catch up period would be:

    10%= ? Days
    20%=? Days
    50%=? Days
    100%=? Days


    1. Hi Andrew

      The reason to over achieve is to try and be so far ahead that when you lose you do not fall too far behind.

      Personally I would always try to recover over 3 – 5 days regardless of how much I over achieved because longer settings can mean that 1 loss runs into the next one. But I know a lot of people like to avoid high stakes by recovering over longer periods.

      The more confident you are of your selection methods the shorter your recovery period can be.

      I know you are looking for a specific answer but really it is down to how you feel personally about exposure to risk.


  7. I dont know if this is meant specificaly for horse racing, but i use it for forex trading and it works a treat. I find that i can control losses more effectively, and i am not hung up on having to make substancial pips daily, i instead rely more on scalping a few pips daily, easier and much less stressful.

    1. Thanks Marilyn, I hadnt considered using it for spread betting , but am pleased to hear that it has been useful. 😉

      Thanks for sharing


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