The £900K Plan

Thank you for registering for your copy of the £900k plan.

To download a zip file that contains the pdf and the spreadsheet click the link below

The 900k Plan

We now have an Open Doc and Excel 2003 version of the spreadsheet available. These can be downloaded below:

One percent 900k – Open Doc Version

One percent 900k – 2003 version

16 Comments on “The £900K Plan”

  1. Thanks for the 900k plan, but I am having trouble understanding how to enter the daily profit or loss into the spread sheet. Can you advise please.

    many thanks Peter.

  2. Looks good on paper but in reality it’s a joke.

    If you follow the 1% gain and start with 100 at the end of year 2 you need to be making 1000+ a day.

    If you reach that level, of making a 1000+ (from horse racing) a day you can join the other idiot gurus, write an ebook and sell it for 1000 a pop!

    Good luck to you all. Don’t be too greedy, have a realistic goal of 1000 bank, increase that by 1% each day and at the end of the year start again.


  3. “All the cells that need to be altered by the user are unlocked”

    They’re not, but it’s really easy to get round! It’s basically the Steady Drip plan, isn’t it?

  4. Hi Peter,

    You shouldn’t need a password to open the spreadsheet iin Excel. The cells that you do not need to change are protected but the yellow cells that you will need to use are not protected.



  5. Just wanted to say thanks for excel sheet, 1 month gone and I’m going strong as never done it before. Its absolutely brilliant, i was good at my betting but to manage bank and target i always struggled, hope to get my million in a few years time 🙂

    1. Hi Pete

      Which version of Excel are you using?

      The spreadsheet has been downloaded and used by over 1,000 people now so we know that it isnt locked for most but there seems to be a problem for some.

      Hopefully we can track down which version the problem is with and resolve.


  6. Hi Please could you tell me if i decided to over achieve by the following % amounts , what your reccomended catch up period would be:

    10%= ? Days
    20%=? Days
    50%=? Days
    100%=? Days


    1. Hi Andrew

      The reason to over achieve is to try and be so far ahead that when you lose you do not fall too far behind.

      Personally I would always try to recover over 3 – 5 days regardless of how much I over achieved because longer settings can mean that 1 loss runs into the next one. But I know a lot of people like to avoid high stakes by recovering over longer periods.

      The more confident you are of your selection methods the shorter your recovery period can be.

      I know you are looking for a specific answer but really it is down to how you feel personally about exposure to risk.


  7. I dont know if this is meant specificaly for horse racing, but i use it for forex trading and it works a treat. I find that i can control losses more effectively, and i am not hung up on having to make substancial pips daily, i instead rely more on scalping a few pips daily, easier and much less stressful.

    1. Thanks Marilyn, I hadnt considered using it for spread betting , but am pleased to hear that it has been useful. 😉

      Thanks for sharing


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