The SMASH and GRAB In-Running Trading System

This month we will be looking at an In-Running Horse Racing technique that I have personally used with great success in the past. We will be providing you with a flexible Spreadsheet that will let you try out this technique, but which can also enable you to investigate further the concept and to find out for yourselves what the best parameters are for the system.

The System is completely automated. It comes in the form of a Spreadsheet that can be used in conjunction with the Betting Assistant (GRUSS) Platform. There is a facility within the Spreadsheet that enables you to “Paper Trade” the technique.

The concept revolves around utilising the fact that horses, which take an early premature lead, normally tire at the end of the race. It is very rare that horses can win from the front. However, the in-play traders seem to be oblivious of this fact and they are more than happy to lump on the leading horse with one furlong to go……Normally at our favourite price of Evens (2.0).

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