The times they are a changing

I read an interesting article on the Geegeez site the other day which included the following…

It is a truth universally acknowledged in betting that edges dissipate and eventually disappear whether it is through growing bookmaker awareness or sheer weight of market support. Punters need to be on the look out for the next edge (Link)

It pretty much nails the number one skill that a successful bettor needs.

That is to constantly be evolving to stay ahead of the bookies and the other punters.

And it’s the reason that the Betting School Insiders Club publishes new methods systems and angles every month.

It’s no good buying one system or learning one strategy and thinking it will serve you forever.

It won’t work, profits will dwindle and if you don’t act fast enough you will lose your bank before you find your next strategy.

When I started out you could win just by backing course and distance winners that won last time out.

You won’t get far with that strategy now.

If you want to be successful with your betting you need new strategies every month so you can prune what’s not working and replace with what is.

And hundreds of members agree that the best source of new systems and strategies every month is the Betting School Insiders Club.

If you want to keep ahead of the game join us here…

Today’s Selection

Warwick 4.35 Danandy – eachway bet – 11/2 Betstars

All the best

Darren Power

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