The Way of Zen Review

The Testing Team are reviewing The Way of Zen – below are their latest updates:

10th August 2013
You may remember my favourable review last year of the Triple H system for backing horses authored by Zen. Well, he has now come up with a completely different approach to the task of predicting winners.

This one is based on the type of race, number of runners and rating the horses’ class, consistency and form. It started on the 15th July and up to the end of the month had given 33 selections of which 5 won at BFSPs of 1.91, 2.2, 2.21, 3.5 and 1.88. It’s too soon to judge but we will certainly be looking for an improvement.

Update: 10th September 2013
August was the first full month for this horse backing system which, for an additional fee, supplies its selections by a daily email (sometimes two) and they can also be accessed by a password protected website. Alternatively you can rate the races yourself which its sales pitch says should take about an hour a day. I haven’t yet done this myself and relied on the supplied selections. You can read all about it here:

During the month there were 48 bets with 11 winning (strike rate of 22.9%) with an average Betfair SP of 4.34 resulting in a loss of 2 points when backing at level stakes after the deduction of 5% commission. This is in contrast to the hyped 40% strike rate and average price of 5.89 and highlights a common feature within this industry where a product is marketed soon after it’s just potentially had a purple patch only to soon revert to the mean with a lower level of results. The next month or so will reveal whether Zen’s method is likely to get close to fulfilling its claims.

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