You Can’t Win at Betfair SP

With Betfair SP if you are making your selections based on form then what you are getting is a very fair price that is 1 or 2% against you.

It is often stated that the Betfair price at the off is a true reflection of the chances of each horse in the race.

And if we are to believe that then it follows that we can’t get value from bets made just before the off or at SP, because there is always an over-round.

My view is that if you are betting at SP or just before the off then you have to have a selection method that doesn’t rely on traditional form reading techniques.

You have to be against the crowd.

If you want a value price from form study then you need to have your selections made early and then get the best early price from the bookies.

There is huge value in early prices but during the course of the day that value is gradually eroded as the money comes and the prices align to ultimately create the starting price.

If you can get a Best Odds Guaranteed price with the likes of Bet 365 or Paddy Power etc then your returns will be better.

I know a lot of punters see no point in betting with bookies because they think they will ultimately get closed down or restricted.

But this doesn’t always happen and there really is no point in worrying about something that hasn’t yet happened. And in the meantime you are throwing away potential profit!

Together we can win


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