Your Questions Answered

Good morning all,

Early start as we (that’s me and Daren) head for Norfolk and a day at Fakenham, which I always enjoy. Even more so in the sunshine, which it looks like we’ll get today.

Those looking for the Saturday video (and I know some of you do look early) it won’t be up until late this evening, as I won’t be back until 8-ish.

Yesterday a few of you were asking about the Colossus bets – if you already have an account, my syndicates are under the “Captain Chutney” banner but what I will do next Tuesday is go through the whole process of joining for those that don’t have an account. is the website, feel free to check it out.

For today, a couple of your questions answered as I’ve not done one for a couple of weeks – feel free to keep emailing them to me at Anything you like!

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